Stinto, the self-updating business network.

Always at your fingertips. Always up-to-date.

A smarter way to connect – and stay connected


Stinto Verified for SMB eliminates the costs of maintaining, monitoring, and manually updating a larger CRM system. Sign up for a free 12 months trial period. And after that, the yearly subscription fee is only 10€ / employee a year.  Why so cheap? Because we want a simple solution that you can easily budget for. 


Stinto Verified is an endlessly customizable platform that evolves as your SMB grows. The many built-in features ensure that your contact data is reliable and at hand – always. Because this product is designed for organizations of all sizes and industries, anyone from Sales to HR will benefit from using Stinto.


Stinto sets the standard for automation of GDPR compliance. This simple solution ensures compliant data for even the fastest-growing SMB. Stinto gives you the reliability you need to run an SMB without concern on remaining GDPR compliant.


Stinto can be used as stand-alone and serve as a CRM in itself. But you can also integrate Stinto with other CRM systems and use Stinto as a data entry add-on. Stinto is easily integrated with well-known systems such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP. 

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