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Enabling work from home

At Stinto, we are taking this global challenge very seriously! Being a small and agile company, Stinto made an overnight transition to become a “remote only” company, following the recommendations put forward by the Danish government, already back on Thursday the 12th of March. As a SaaS company, our switch to being completely remote has been relatively painless, although we appreciate that for many businesses (including many of our customers) it’s difficult; seemingly impossible. If as a company also work remotely, you know that this requires a new set of tools in order to do business as usual. If you want help creating digital contact cards for your business to fit your online business meetings, Stinto is just a download away.

Supporting our customers

Maybe even more than normal, it is during times like these where it is important to stay connected to your most valuable business and personal contacts. The strongest relationships are built not only during the good times but also during the tough times. Now is the time to reach out to your most valued contacts and extend a word of comfort or support – not just because you need something or want to make a sale, but because you truly care and want to help!

The Stinto services and sales teams are working together to meet our customers’ technical needs. We understand that during this pandemic digital meetings require new digital tools, that are easy to onboard and fully supported no matter where your employees are situated. Our support team continues to serve our customers’ needs, by working from home where needed.

COVID is about avoiding germs

At Stinto we are proud to be offering a product that helps you interact with new business contacts, without compromising on social distancing. Just like handshakes, a printed business card handed from one person to another are potential germ transmitters and should be avoided during a pandemic. Especially in a time where there are digital and sustainable alternatives.

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