How Stinto helps your organization.

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Chief Commercial Officer

(Sales, Service Delivery Customer Success)                                                                                                                      


  • Continual access to all business-critical commercial relationships
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Improved master data quality
  • Safeguard important commercial contacts when employees leave the company
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Chief Marketing Officer

(Marketing, Branding, Communications)                                                                                                                            


  • Gather and manage marketing consent from key stakeholders
  • Strengthen corporate brand image
  • Increase traffic to corporate social media sites
  • Support small scale events and request contact via Stinto Groups
  • Increased campaign effectiveness
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Chief Information Officer

(Digitalisation, Technology, Enterprise applications, Implementation)


  • Digital alternative to an analog process
  • Provides a dynamic, real-time, and fully automated flow of data into your internal enterprise systems
  • Open API for easy integration
  • A digital quick win completed in 30 days, with a limited use of resources
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Chief Data Officer

(Data quality, GDPR, data protection, compliance)                                                                                                         


  • Promotes GDPR compliance across the entire organization – where you currently are not
  • Avoid misrepresentation of employee data on social media channels our of company control
  • Military-grade data security housed in AWS
  • Data is never sold and remains the property of the
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Chief People Officer

(Employee master data, employee empowerment, and tools)                                                                                      


  • Fast, efficient way to update ever-changing employee contact details with the outside world
  • Tool to empower employees to share data and relationships
  • Automate employee master data
  • Ensure verified employee identities
  • Avoid employee misrepresentation
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Chief Sustainability Officer

(CSR, Environmental strategy and initiatives, Carbon footprint) 


  • Remove printed business cards
  • Supports an initiative to “Go Paperless”
  • 10% of the money paid to Stinto is donated to WWF’s forest regeneration program on your behalf
  • Sends a clear message about your focus on sustainability to all employees and external contacts
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