These companies trust Stinto to manage their most important business contacts:

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Stay In Touch

Stinto is a powerful new way to manage contacts across your enterprise. A digital contact card integrated with your CRM, Stinto delivers fully automated contact data you can trust.


Automated app-based contact management


Stinto’s contact cards are always up-to-date, and fully interactive so employees can call, SMS, or email directly from the card.

Seamless integration with all major CRMs


Stinto plugs seamlessly into all CRM and enterprise systems, while the open API offers the possibility of more custom integrations and analytics.

Make the most of your company’s external relationships


Stinto arms all employees with a full overview of your external network while ensuring all contact details are always up to date.

71% of all business people change one or more elements of their business cards each year


SOURCE Synthio

Start trusting your contact data again

With the pace of business constantly accelerating, unreliable contact data slows down your employees and is a drag on your competitiveness. Speed up with Stinto.


GDPR compliance

Automated GDPR compliance

When contacts are created via Stinto, the notifications required for GDPR compliance are exchanged automatically and discretely.

contact data quality

Improved contact data quality

When employee or customer contact details change, Stinto automatically updates the data. No manual updating required.

Automated data exchange

Automated data exchange

Contact data is updated automatically, while ‘smart-connect’ features can handle the most complicated customer hierarchies.

Shared access to critical data

Shared access to critical data

When employees exchange their cards with customers or suppliers, the data is accessible throughout the company.

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications

Users receive instant updates when contact details change, providing a useful layer of actionable intelligence.

Explore the Stinto app

Stinto’s interactive business cards mean an end to rummaging in drawers or searching emails for contact details. One app, all your contacts, always up to date.

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The ultimate contact data automation tool

With Stinto, your company has access to the ultimate contact data foundation.

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Automate Data Policies

Data quality, GDPR, data protection, and compliance. All these procedures are automated and build-in features, that secures data added through Stinto to be secured.

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Reduce carbon footprint

Use digital business cards to send a clear message about your focus on sustainability to all employees and external contacts.

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Improve master data quality

Continual access to all business-critical commercial relationships. Data remains self-updatable once added through Stinto, improving the data quality and employee productivity.

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