Available on App Store and Google Play store.

Stinto is a mobile application that provides up-to-date contact details on connections created through your digital business card.

Connect – and Stay Connected with Stinto





No more stacks of outdated business cards at the office. It’s time to digitalize your network.

CRM integrations

Integrate Stinto with your company’s CRM and share new contacts with a single click. With Stinto all employees have access to the same level of high-quality, real-time updated contact data.

Automate GDPR compliance

Handle notifications required for GDPR compliance automatically and discretely when connecting with new contacts. With Stinto you know your contacts are compliant.

Save time

Once two Stinto users exchange business cards, they become live connections and will automatically be kept up-to-date. The data even updates on platforms integrated with Stinto.

Stinto is the platform that grows with you

All company contacts. Automatically updated, on all platforms through digital business cards

Stinto has been developed to easily integrate with your favorite CRM or ERP system.

Set custom tags to match your CRM procedures and transfer any new contact to e.g Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive with a single click and create a live contact that is automatically kept up-to-date in your CRM system – unlike data you would add manually.


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