These companies trust Stinto to manage their most important business contacts:


Empower your teams with updated contact data

Stinto updates new contact data added from the web or mobile app and provides your teams with master data that is automatically kept up to date and compliant. Every day. In real-time. Automatically.


Gather contacts

Build your network

Gather all your past, present and future contacts in one place.


Share your contacts

Share your contacts with your company’s internal systems, and with one another.

Real-time update

Stay up-to-date

Receive automatic contact updates in real-time as changes occur.

Engage with network

Engage your network

Make use of interactive features such as Stinto Assistant, notes and reminders.

GDPR compliant

Remain compliant

Connect through Stinto to remain GDPR compliant and gather marketing consent.


Reach sustainability goals

Much more than going paperless, Stinto supports both data policy and environmental sustainability goals.

Retaining high-quality master data just got easy

Add new contacts through Stinto instead of adding them manually

The ultimate contact data automation tool

With Stinto, your company has access to the ultimate contact data foundation.

Green checkmark

Automate Data Policies

Data quality, GDPR, data protection, and compliance. All these procedures are automated and build-in features, that secures data added through Stinto to be secured.

Green checkmark

Reduce carbon footprint

Use digital business cards to send a clear message about your focus on sustainability to all employees and external contacts.

Green checkmark

Improve master data quality

Continual access to all business-critical commercial relationships. Data remains self-updatable once added through Stinto, improving the data quality and employee productivity.

Getting started is easy

Download Stinto for free for iOS or Android or contact Stinto for more information on how to re-connect and stay in touch with your contacts.


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