Stinto is designed for companies that want to be geared for success in the new digital economy.

Enhance data quality

Integrate with the crucial tools used by your organization. Have access to the same updated data on all your platforms even when you are offline.

Automate GDPR compliance

Once contact is created via Stinto, the notifications required for GDPR compliance are exchanged automatically and discretely.

From static to real-time

No more manual data updating in different systems. When a contact updates his data it automatically updates in your systems as well.

Stinto helps you

All company contacts. Automatically updated, on all platforms

Stinto has been developed to easily integrate with your favorite CRM or ERP system.

Set custom tags to match your CRM procedures and transfer any new contact to e.g Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive with a single click and create a live contact that is automatically kept up-to-date in your CRM system – unlike data you would add manually.


Keeps your data private and safe


Stinto is designed with privacy and security as a top priority
Your data belongs to you
We never resell, share, or expose personal information without your consent and knowledge.

See Data ethics and Privacy policy for more information

Ready to see Stinto in action?

Stinto customers are geared for success in the new digital economy.

Join them and start unlocking your full network potential.




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