About Stinto

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in June 2017, on a bike path north of Copenhagen, the co-founding godfather of Stinto, Claus Jønck bumps into one of his old school friends. The friend asks Claus why he has never returned the many SMS’s that he has sent Claus over the years. After closer investigation, it becomes apparent that Claus’s contact details had changed since they last spoke, and the SMS’s had never reached Claus. He cycles away from the interaction thinking that there must be an easier way to solve this problem.

Later that same week, in a corporate office across town, high-profile executive headhunter Kåre Sand receives an SMS from one of his 2.500 contacts in his telephone. The SMS was to notify Kåre that the person had started a new job, and requested Kåre to update his contact details, including company, title, email, and telephone number. Kåre, who is frustrated by the inefficiency of having to take action to manage the contact details of all his colleagues, deletes the SMS, and wonders if there is a better solution to the problem.

Having been friends for many years, Claus and Kåre share their experiences and frustrations with one another and quickly agreed that it cannot be correct that there is not a smart solution to the problem of exchanging contact information. They decide then and there, that they would develop a solution to fix the issue once and for all. Over the months that followed, they spend countless late-night house, drafting up the very first prototypes of Stinto on A3 paper.

In early 2018, and unaware of any of this, strategy consultant Stuart Wynn was sitting quietly in an open office space at one of Denmark’s largest companies, frustrated that the corporate strategy that he and his team had spent many months carefully crafting was falling apart in the execution, simply because of the client’s customer master data records we 80% outdated and incorrect, meaning that sales and marketing efforts were limited in their effectiveness. An initiative was started to “clean-up” the data, however, it was estimated to take approximately 12 months to complete, and would only address the symptom, and not the root cause of the issue.

Claus and Kåre are introduced to Stuart through mutual friends, and sharing the same frustrations and beliefs, the trio embarked on a journey that would see Stinto formed into a powerful contact management platform that was applicable for people and business – agreeing to make Stuart CEO in the process. In the time to follow, Stuart would work closely with Tommy Jepsen and the Danish app development agencies House of Code and Charlie Tango to develop the Stinto MVP that was released into the app store in November 2018

Our mission at Stinto

To become the global standard for the way in which businesses, and people, connect with and manage their most valuable business contacts

Stinto manifest

Our way of working…

  • We must maintain a learning mindset……we should always be out of our comfort zone; just a little bit
  • We are responsible for a culture of openness……all data, information, and meetings are open and available to all employees, for as long as this is possible and practical
  • This is not a democracy……decisions are made by the weight of argument (hypothesis and testing), not opinion or votes
  • There are no managers, only leaders……people self-organize into teams with loose structures, but firm OKRs*
  • We focus on output, not input……people organize themselves with a focus on “getting stuff done” to achieve positive company results; how they do it, is up to them
  • This is not a job, its a lifestyle……this should be fun, worth fighting for and allow you to live your life the way you want
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