Our mission at Stinto

To become the global standard for the way in which businesses, and people, connect with and manage their most valuable business contacts

Our way of working…

  • We must maintain a learning mindset……we should always be out of our comfort zone; just a little bit
  • We are responsible for a culture of openness……all data, information, and meetings are open and available to all employees, for as long as this is possible and practical
  • This is not a democracy……decisions are made by the weight of argument (hypothesis and testing), not opinion or votes
  • There are no managers, only leaders……people self-organize into teams with loose structures, but firm OKRs*
  • We focus on output, not input……people organize themselves with a focus on “getting stuff done” to achieve positive company results; how they do it, is up to them
  • This is not a job, its a lifestyle……this should be fun, worth fighting for and allow you to live your life the way you want
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