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Our team is made up of professionals with over 20+ years of expertise in their fields.

Our Story

Stinto is a mobile application that helps professionals and companies worldwide manage their critical contacts.

The growing frustration of contact data being outdated and non-accessible when you needed it became the start of a groundbreaking solution designed to overcome the pain of managing contact data.

Unlike other solutions on the market, our app is not just a business card it is a live connection you create between your card and all the devices your card is shared to. In other words; when your card is updated by you, it is automatically updated in every CRM, on all devices, and every platform you have ever shared your card with.

Stinto is designed to help professionals, as well as enterprises, make managing contact data easy.

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Want to be a part of our journey? Wouldn’t blame you, this is an awesome team with a high drive and even higher ambitions.

Join a fast-growing team that’s changing how data is shared and stored.

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