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If you enjoy working in a high-pace agile environment and with the newest technologies, Stinto might be a match for you!

If there is no job posting matching you, apply anyway! It might be an opening not posted yet.

Stinto manifest

Our way of working…

  • We must maintain a learning mindset……we should always be out of our comfort zone; just a little bit
  • We are responsible for a culture of openness……all data, information and meetings are open and available to all employees, for as long as this is possible and practical
  • This is not a democracy……decisions are made by weight of arguement (hypothesis and testing), not opinion or votes
  • There are no managers, only leaders……people self-organise into teams with loose structures, but firm OKRs*
  • We focus on output , not input……people organise themselves with a focus on “getting stuff done” to acheive positive company results; how they do it, is up to them
  • This is not a job, its a lifestyle……this should be fun, worth fighting for and allow you to live your life the way you want

Product job openings

Senior IOS developer

Experienced Swift iOS developer with e.g. Realm, SnapKit, Firebase, Alamofire, SDWebImage experience.

See more at the Hub or careers@stinto.com

Marketing and communication intern

You will be working with the following tasks:

Performance marketing (Search and social media advertising), acquisition analytics (Google analytics, Amplitude, Periscope, App analytics, attribution, MixPanel), Content creation and much more interesting marketing features.

Learn more at Thehub or careers@stinto.com

Android developer

Experience Kotlin Android developer with e.g. Realm, RxJava, GSON, Retrofit experience

See more at Thehub or careers@stinto.com

Frontend developer

Experienced Angular developer to develop dashboard and user-based web solutions.


Ruby on Rails developer

Experienced RoR developer that loves working in a high-paced agile environment with complex solutions


Digital designer

Love designing a varity of products with a user-centered approach using primarily Sketch for UI and whatever tool you like for prototyping? Then Stinto is a match for you!


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