Stinto is all about ethics and proper use of contact data

We are a pure-play SaaS company, with a fully transparent revenue model and the belief that your data is yours to keep.

Let’s set the data ethic standard

We are not here to become another big marketing machine selling your data sets for ads or eyeballs. Stinto is built to enable our customers to thrive with all the benefits of a contact management platform made to build and sustain great relations. 

We believe that building a SaaS platform in the 2020s should be done on the principles of digital trust, high moral standards, and a belief that your data belongs to you.



Stinto’s 3 ground rules of data ethics

Individual data control

We believe that your data belongs to you. No matter what. Period!

That is why we want all Stinto users to not just be in control of their data but to be empowered by their data. Data uploaded to the Stinto app will always belong to you and we will not sell or share any of your contacts with third parties.


We don’t make money from your data. Neither the Verified users nor the free user’s data. Our revenue model is built on selling licenses for companies that want a compliant platform to handle their most important contacts. 


We are not looking for loops in data handling. On the contrary, we hold ourselves accountable to always do what is right for the user – not Stinto. That is why it is written in the business agreement that we want to provide a safe platform for companies and individuals to exchange contact data. That all legislation and moral ethics must be upheld and that the data transferred throughout the App must be transparent for the individual.

For questions about how Stinto focus on data ethics, please feel free to contact us



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