Stinto Verified for large companies

Each day teams across your organization are wasting time detecting and updating contact data on different platforms. With Stinto this is automated so you can just focus on your business and not data maintenance.



Build your network with Stinto Verified


Paper business cards are no longer accepted in parts of the world post-COVID-19. Digital cards are germ-free, always at hand, and don’t require physical contact to share.

CRM Integration

Stinto keeps your CRM contacts up-to-date by connecting the cards your employees receive directly into your CRM. We support hundreds of platforms such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

Verified Cards

Employees are not able to edit their cards without going through the company’s administrator, ensuring a controlled and consistent brand experience as well as identity management.

No Human Errors

Our platform ensures that any changes made by users are automatically updated on all your devices and integrations in real-time. No manual interference and no risk of errors.

Marketing Consent

Gather marketing consent when exchanging contact details on Stinto. Access all consents given from the dashboard.

Automated GDPR Compliance

Connect with contacts through Stinto and the platform automatically handles GDPR procedures.

Corporate Address Book

Stinto provides visibility into all the business relationships that your company develops. Every time a new contact is added, the contact’s information goes directly into a shared corporate address book, allowing all employees to retain contacts indefinitely.

Cut Costs

Changing your logo or address? Anyone got a promotion or changed teams? Cut your business card budget by switching to digital. Stinto cards give you control over all team’s cards and they can be updated and edited in real-time. Cost-free.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

With more than 7 million trees cut down each year to produce paper business cards. And roughly 90% of them are thrown away immediately after being handed out. Switching to digital business cards does have an impact on the carbon footprint.

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The yearly cost of poor quality data amounts to $3.1 trillion, and that is in the US alone



Not an IT project

Up & Running in 48 Hours

In just a few steps, we can have all your data uploaded and the platform up and running and ready to use. 

Onboarding & Integration

With seamless integrations and an easy-to-use interface, onboarding your organization is effortless. 

Measure & Review

Ensure the impact of your solution with follow-up sessions to identify key learnings and ensure your return on investment.

Privacy, Security & Trust.

Stinto is a danish company situated in the EU. We uphold all legislation and then some. Your Stinto card and your data belong to you and are only seen by you and the people you have chosen to share your card with. You can view our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use for more information. Stinto would never sell or share your data. We can’t emphasize that enough – your data belongs to you! In the app, you can see who has your card and with a single click withdraw it from any contact – without notifying the person.

Stinto is the only platform to provide you with a secure environment when the data you upload still belongs to you and can be downloaded at any point.

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