Stinto Verified for Companies

Verified cards are automatically kept up-to-date by the company issuing the card. That makes it easy for any business relationship to trust that data coming from you is compliant at all times.



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Set up all employees with Verified contact profiles

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Access all your business relationships in one place

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Integrate with your current CRM

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1. Welcome

Once all Verified cards are created, we’ll email your teams.

2. Claim Card

Each employee claims their unique card by clicking on a link in the email. If the app isn’t installed already they will be guided through a swift app onboarding.  

3. That's it

Once the card is claimed it is ready for use. We provide each company with a tailored 30 days email activation flow if desired. The focus in the flow is individually planned with each company to fit their requirements.

Privacy, Security & Trust.

Stinto is a danish company situated in the EU. We uphold all legislation and then some. Your Stinto card and your data belong to you and are only seen by you and the people you have chosen to share your card with. You can view our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use for more information. Stinto would never sell or share your data. We can’t emphasize that enough – your data belongs to you! In the app, you can see who has your card and with a single click withdraw it from any contact – without notifying the person.

Stinto is the only platform to provide you with a secure environment when the data you upload still belongs to you and can be downloaded at any point.

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