A Gamechanger for Companies operating in a digital economy

Many leads never make it to CRM. Crucial contacts only get updated on employees’ phones. Companies spend resources manually cleaning contact data sheets year after year. When employees leave, a huge part of their network leaves with them.

Stinto has solved this. And companies worldwide are already implementing the solution.


Advanced Search

Search for connections through company lists, own contacts, or even the global Stinto network.

Data compliance

GDPR and marketing consent notifications trigger when contacts are created or moved between platforms.

Withdraw details

See who has your contact card stored and withdraw it without notifying the person

Create Groups

Semble a task force, share documents, and access each other’s contact details, even with people outside the Stinto network

Identity Management

Verified cards are controlled by company admins allowing you to trust data flowing in and out of your organization

Introduce contacts

Introduce contacts to each other with a single click.


Create personal notes on a contact that is not shared with colleagues or CRM

Interactive contacts

Send messages, call and email directly from any contact card

Card scanner

Digitalize static contacts simply by scanning the details. Top of the class accuracy and supports multiple languages


71% of all business people change one or more elements of their business cards every year

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