Freyr Battery Continues to Lead the way with Sustainable Scaling

Powered by low-cost hydro energy, FREYR is set to design and produce high-density, cost-effective lithium-ion batteries with the lowest CO2 footprint for the fast-growing global markets for electric mobility, stationary energy storage, and marine applications.

Guided by its vision, purpose, and principles, FREYR plans to build a strong and market-leading company by anchoring sustainability firmly into its corporate strategy. 

With a goal of becoming one of Europe’s largest battery manufacturers by 2025, FREYR is dependent on a flexible way of managing its fast-growing network. This means, among other things, that FREYR does not wish to produce or receive printed business cards, and has instead decided on Stinto as a sustainable and digital alternative.

“For us, sustainability is a mindset and we can not credibly sell a green product without thinking “green” and sustainable solutions into everything we do”. says Hege Norheim, EVP CCO, and adds “ we want to honor our commitment to fight climate change and to SDG 12 by using digital business cards – and we really hope that our customers and suppliers will think the same way”. 

Freyr is growing rapidly and for such needs a flexible solution that enables all employees easy access to customers, partners, and co-workers’ contact details. “When you double the number of employees every year, it is hard for all to keep track of who-knows-who, or whom to call regarding a case in country X. Stinto provided us with an inhouse phonebook that updates automatically when new clients or colleagues are added to the company. This makes it easy to stay productive and we know that new employees have access to the same network as the rest of the company” says Hege Norheim.

Stinto is an eco-friendly way of exchanging contact data, which also keeps you updated in real-time, GDPR compliant, and in full control of your own data. Download the Stinto app for free, create your own customized card and start connecting. For more info, visit www.stinto.com

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