What if you could get a continuously updated list of contacts in your CRM?

The contact data added to any CRM is done manually in most companies and requires several interactions.

Existing solutions mean that once contact data is logged, the information is already outdated due to a lack of real-time monitoring. This causes a reactive approach that involves personnel resources which equals limited time to serve clients.

icon_people change jobs

People change job

The reality is that each year, 30% of the workforce change jobs. Over time that results in massive amounts of inactive master data. This leads to resources wasted on manual updating and erasing inactive profiles. Which affects the overall data quality.

icon_Data is static

Data is static

Contact data is obtained in various tech and non-tech ways, but once obtained they are all stored in a static time capsule e.g. your CRM. When added, the data is compliant, but slowly this is outrun by technology and legislation such as GDPR. Keeping track of the thousands of old contacts stored takes resources that could otherwise be used to focus on your core business.

Turn multiple unstructured workflows into a single source of truth.

Stinto supports the exchange of contact data across any device while handling GDPR and real-time updates.

Built for modern teams

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