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From businesscard, marketing consent and automatically verified data, to Salesforce integration—Stinto does it all. Book a demo. Discover, Purchase, Manage, And have all your contact data stay compliant in one place.

Automated GDPR compliance



Handle notifications required for GDPR compliance automatically and discretely when connecting with new contacts.

Real-time notifications



Once two Stinto users exchange business cards, they become live connections and will automatically be kept up-to-date. The data even updates on the platforms the Stinto card is shared to.




Integrate Stinto with your company’s CRM and share contacts from your phone with a single click. With Stinto all employees have access to the same level of high-quality, real-time updated contact data.

Improved contact data quality




When employee or customer contact details change, Stinto automatically updates the data. No manual updating is required.  

Shared access to critical data



When employees exchange their cards with customers or suppliers, the data is accessible throughout the company.

Verified accounts



Stinto Verified indicates that the card is issued by the company and only can be edited by an admin at the company.

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Stintos digital business card lets you share, collect and manage personal data without breaking data residency, privacy policies, or GDPR. We notify you when changes in your network’s data have occurred and even provide you with time-stamped marketing consent lists on new contacts. Data is stored within the EU with robust controls and security built-in. With Stinto you can focus on your business knowing we have your contact data management covered. 

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It all starts with your digital business card. Stinto is designed to handle contact exchange in both physical and digital environments. We ensure that all new contact data stored on company-owned devices are compliant, up-to-date, and accessible to the entire organization. 

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Employees don’t share all their contacts for different reasons, making companies vulnerable when they leave as the contact details go with them. With 34% of the workforce changing jobs each year, it is even harder to stay on top of your business’ network. And even harder to guarantee it is kept compliant.

Stinto provides a fully automated end-to-end flow of contact data, including the meta-data needed to back it up in your chosen CRM or SRM system. Integration takes place via API or SFTP and data are formatted in CSV. The format can be translated to any native XML or EDIFACT variant.

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With Stintos NFC business cards, your employees can safely replace old cards with next-generation renewable NFC tap business cards. Tap your Stinto NFC card on any phone for a quick transfer of contact data.


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