Stinto, the self-updating digital business card

Let Stinto keep your most valuable business contacts intact and viable.

Automatically. In real-time. Forever.

How up-to-date is your phonebook?

The data in your phonebook is static. So are traditional business cards. With the rate of people changing jobs, phone numbers and e-mail, out-of-date contact data not only costs time and money to recover,  in worst-case scenarios lost business opportunities, too.


The SMART choice  

With the Stinto digital business card, say goodbye to:

  • Emails and newsletters bouncing.
  • Lost sales, when a sales representative leaves your company without sharing their contacts.
  • Spending money on master data quality projects.
  • Wasting time manually updating your phonebook.
  • Frustrations with incomplete customer and supplier master data.

Stinto is all your business contacts in one app

Instead of one app for business networking, one for group messaging, one for scheduling meetings, etc. – we give you one app to handle it all.


Scan business cards in an instant

Scan business card

Stop manually adding business card details to your phonebook by using the Stinto card scanner, instead. Simply take a photo of the business card and all data are uploaded in an instant, saved and kept up-to-date when you exchange cards. Available in 26 languages.

Sync your phonebook with Stinto

Sync phone book

With one click, import all contacts in your phonebook to turn them into live data. Then, exchange your card with your most valuable network and stay forever connected and up-to-date.

Share cards and connect on LinkedIn

Product example

Easily share your contact data with others, and once connected, complete your business relation by connecting on LinkedIn directly from the app. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Receive real-time notifications

Product image_notification

Receive real-time notifications when there are changes in your business network. With Stinto, you always have up-to-date access to your most valuable contacts right at your fingertips.

Integrate seamlessly with CRM/SRM

CRM integrations

Stinto plugs seamlessly into all CRM and enterprise systems, while the open API offers the possibility of more custom integrations and analytics, so as your company grows, Stinto is ready to grow with you.

Gather marketing consent

Marketing consent

Make use of Stinto’s smart consent functionality to gather marketing consent from your most valuable business contacts to send direct marketing. Stay GDPR-compliant with Stinto.


Stinto, the self-updating business network.

Always at your fingertips. Always up-to-date.


3 things less to worry about when using Stinto


Always up-to-date data

Stop wasting time chasing outdated contacts, instead grow your business based on always up-to-date contacts.



Replace dealing with bouncing emails with having marketing consent and being GDPR-compliant.


Improved access to contacts

Gain access to all the valuable business contacts from across your team.

Follow the video, and soon you are connecting smarter and securing your most valuable business relations.

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